My name is Cindy Carson, formerly Cindy Morden. This year marks my 21st year of teaching in Michigan. I have taught Kindergarten, first, second, third, and fifth grades. I am currently teaching Kindergarten at the Roosevelt STEAM Campus in the West Bloomfield School District.

This portfolio summarizes my philosophy of how simple it is to "Point, Click, Learn" with technology in the elementary classroom. I am a firm believer in making the learning environment fun and engaging for my students. It continues to amaze me how children are able to comprehend and apply technology skills to their school work; meanwhile observing them in the process, I have been able to pick up many helpful tricks from my students.

I also believe that technology tools are empowering for both students and teachers to expand learning outside the 4 walls of the classroom. Technology allows educators to communicate, collaborate, be creative and use their critical thinking skills. Look at all of the resources available to us... Pinterest, TechersPayTeachers, FaceBook, Twitter, the list goes on and on and is growing each day!

In July 2007, I completed a Master in Educational Technology degree from Lawrence Technological University. I began creating this portfolio during my coursework at LTU. I learned to become proficient in Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks in the Multimedia 1 course.

In addition to being a classroom teacher, I have served as a technology coach/ teacher leader in my district. I work diligently to help my colleagues feel comfortable with technology tools in the classroom. While teaching at Doherty Elementary, I faciliatated a "Tech Tuesday" after school committe for my colleagues & I to collaborate, enhance our technology skills and create more opportunities to integrate technology into to the classroom. Each week we explore a new topic & together we gain new understading.

In 2005 we adopted a school goal to integrate a visual learning system in every K-5 classroom in our building; this would include a document camera, SMART Board, and an LCD projector. As of September 2006, all of our K-5 classrooms were equipped! This is a dream come true, thanks to the support of the Doherty families and the PTO. I played a key role in the ordering, installation, and coordination of resources to roll out the visual learning systems at Doherty Elementary. I ran a summer technology "boot camp", series of technology training sessions during the summer of 2006. I also provided ongoing training and support throughout the school year. We took pride in being the first school in our district to become fully equipped with SMART Boards.

From 2003-2013, I maintained and updated the Doherty Elementary School Web site. Since 2000, I have designed & created classroom websites using Front Page, Adobe Go Live, and Dreamweaver. I have helped other teachers across the district to create their own class Web sites usig various formats, templates, programs, and most recently using online software. I now prefer to use Weebly to create websites.

Point to the links, Click around, and Learn more about my journey of integrating technology into the elementary classroom. You will find many examples of innovative use for technology tools in the classroom. I apologize in advance for any "broken" links that you may encounter. Over the years, our district website servers have changed & some of my archives are no longer available. Thank you for your understanding.

I enjoy working side by side with teachers, students & parents to enhance the learning environment & embrace technology tools to explore the world beyond reality as we know it. I have strong leadership skills, a passion for technology and the drive to be successful. I love to learn & I enjoy learning by doing. When it comes to learning, I'm very hands on and I'm not afraid to take a risk. We learn through making mistakes and I strive to teach my students that when things get tough... never give up!

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